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Hello, we are Estella and Anastasiia. We are from Catalonia and Ukraine respectively. Few weeks ago we started our volunteering journey in Primary school no.24 as participants from European Solidarity Corps. Most of our time we spend in common room doing different activities as dance classes, English classes, handicraft and playing games with kids. Also we are visiting lectures and presenting ourselves and our countries. Even so language barrier makes it hard to understand each other with students, it also help us all to improve language skills and learn different creative ways of communication as non-verbal communication.
So far we are really enjoying working in this school. We are impressed of how everyone in school is welcoming us and open for a lot of ideas. Further we are gonna share more insights of our experience.

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 24 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. 2 Korpusu Polskich Sił Zbrojnych na Zachodzie w Białymstoku

ul. Antoniuk Fabryczny 5/7
15-762 Białystok
tel. 85 6532207
e-mail: sp24@um.bialystok.pl

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