maj 2023 - doświadczenia Estelli


Hello again! I'm Stella, the Catalan volunteer, and during the last week (because Anastasia was in Warsaw) I tried to take the opportunity to practice my Spanish as much as possible. We have played many games, as we used to do, and through them we have known some words or expressions. Like colors, clothes, numbers, animals, etc. Also, we write some words on the board and compare the sounds between Polish and Spanish. They taught me a lot, some were more interested in teaching me Polish than learning Spanish ha ha ha. Nowadays, it's so cool when the last few days greeted me with a "good morning". Honestly, this second week, it was a lot easier to understand each other. They do their best in English, and we are making great strides.
Besides that, with the help of other (Polish) teachers, we have made some cards to translate Spanish - Polish. We want to make a fun game with them, to be playing and learning at the same time.
Finally, it has been a wonderful week, with good weather, in which we have been able to enjoy the sun in the children's playground, playing basketball or painting mandalas, for example.
And with more presentations, it's amazing all the questions they have and how interested the kids are in culture clashes, Spanish and Catalan languages, the differences between Białystok and Barcelona…

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