Anastasiia maj 2023


This week was chill but very impregnated. For every day of the week, we had to prepare different outfits, as for Tuesday pyjamas or for Thursday strange hairstyle. It was hard to prepare my own looks, so I was really impressed by how much the children were prepared. It really affected the vibe in school and even during rainy weather students and teachers were in a funny mood.

Also this week I played chess a lot. Even so, I'm an amateur in chess game it was interesting to play and try to find the best solutions together with the children. But sometimes I really felt like my brain hurts because of clever moves that some kids made.

I also continued to exchange language skills with kids. This time we tried to draw pictures together with writing words in English and Polish. I think it made learning much more interactive.

In addition, I am learning how to play different games in Schvetlitsa. The way some of them are really cognitive surprised me a lot. For example, we have ecoonoMitrz. There you have to try to earn more money but mostly you can do it by answering questions that are connected to the economic sphere of life. I see that kids learn a lot from that and words like ATm machine, deposit or energy usage now are familiar to them.

I hope my next weeks will continue to be this full of fun and learning.

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